Royal Prisco Hotel Positano - Positano - Top quality 3 star Amalfi Coast accommodation in the stunning town of Positano.

Royal Prisco Hotel Positano
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Rooms & Suites

Hotel Royal Prisco Room - Double

The Standard guest rooms are located on the first floor of the hotel and avail the guest of a sea view, fully stocked mini-bar, Pay-Per-View Satellite TV on a modern LCD screen and modern power shower in the en suite.

Deluxe guest rooms are on the second floor and contain all of the above plus a terrace overlooking the sea. Deluxe guest rooms are also more spacious, with a sectioned-off living room area.


Amalfi Coast in Positano, ItalyIn a Mediterranean paradise famed for its stunning natural beauty and panoramas of both land and sea, the Royal Hotel Prisco Positano stands proudly amid some of the finest hotels and resorts in Italy and indeed the world, offering 3 star accommodation value for money and a more affordable alternative to the notable 5 stars in the village.

The Amalfi coast, and in particular, the town of Positano, became a popular tourist destination in the mid-1950s, before which it was a beautiful but far from affluent fishing village.

When knowledge of the inescapable natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast began to spread around the world, tourism soon became the primary industry of the region, which is now abundant with top restaurants providing fantastic marine cuisine and some of the finest hotels in Italy.

Positano, ItalyAmalfi Coast accommodation can therefore sometimes be a tad unaffordable, but here at the 3 star luxury Royal Prisco Hotel we offer outstanding value for money and after all, the views of Positano and the Mediterranean Sea are something nobody can monopolise! Take a look at our Rooms & Services for more info and our Bookings page for rates.

The Amalfi coast is on the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsular, that protrudes from southern Italy south of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Once a mighty maritime republic (16th-17th century) along with the likes of Venice and Genoa, this region is very proud of its seafaring tradition and has many legends. Organise boat tours via the staff at the Hotel Prisco as well as excursions to nearby Ischia and Capri too!

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